Sunday, December 5, 2010

The reason I never sleep.

I have had a friend harassing me recently about the oddness of my sleeping pattern. It's 4am, and I have come up with another reason I go to sleep so late (or early, whichever).

I had a unit last year on creativity, and an author came in to give a guest lecture about the creative process. One step of his breakdown of the creative process was inspiration. As circumstances where inspiration often attacks, he listed 3 Bs: Bed, Bath, Bus. The first of these is often to blame for the lateness of my eventual slumber.

I have spent the past hour measuring, marking, and cutting up old proof sheets and test strips and failed prints. I am now halfway through my current project. I went to bed nice and early too, I was so proud, somewhere between 2am and 2:30; and then appeared the solution to a challenge I have been struggling with for a while.

I'll be in bed by 5am, promise.

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