Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Georgie first started pole dancing at Bobbi’s Pole Studio, Perth, in 2008. While she had done many styles of dance in high school, pole-dancing scared her a little: “I’d heard how difficult it actually was!”. But after watching her sister’s class, she fell in love, and signed up to four classes on the spot. Georgie has now been an instructor at the studio for one and a half years.

Bouncy, bubbly, and a little bit crazy, Georgie is a favourite among her students. It is obvious she loves what she does. “I wouldn’t consider it a job, it’s more of a passion... watching a student accomplish a pole trick that has been somewhat of a personal challenege for them ... I find that really humbling, knowing that my words of encouragement and cheeky little sayings has helped in some small way”.

Last December, Bobbi’s threw a Christmas show: with a hundred performers, including teachers, students, guests from Bobbi’s studios in Sydney and Malaysia (including Bobbi herself), Miss Pole Dance Australia Allegra King and Miss Pole Dance World Felix Cane (both former Bobbi’s Perth students and instructors). Georgie was thrilled to perform alongside both idols, mentors, and students. “Seeing the students that I’ve taught... I honestly felt like such a proud mum watching them come alive on stage!”

Pole dancing is a sport and an art form, quickly gaining worldwide recognition for both these aspects. “Once somebody knows someone involved in pole dancing they realise that it’s not only a high-energy, strengthening and tough work out but an art form of expression, passion and sensuality. The association and stigma that was attached to pole dancing just a few short years ago is shifting and people are finally seeing it for the genre of dance that it has become”.

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