Sunday, August 28, 2011

Red Descending

Last Friday, Red Descending launched their album Kingdoms at Amps. And much awesomeness ensued.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Random '09 shots

Also, here's a few random shots from the first time I ever played with my old SLR. Sadly, this camera died taking my first shot at Wave Rock Weekender 2010.

Picturing the Dark

Another first-year assignment. I got to play with push processing!

Beach Soccer

First-year uni assignment, to prove we knew how to work with shutter speed.


Film shots from my first uni photography unit, back in 2009. Because all the cool kids hang out at the Esplanade..

Wave Rock Weekender '09

Here's the film shots I took at Wave Rock Weekender in '09. Fun times shooting at night, makes things a little bit trippy.


Photos taken October 2009, at/for Cafecino in Claremont, who still plan at some point to enlarge a selection and use them to replace the paintings on the walls.

Digging up film photos

So I just realised that I only have one photograph of analogue origin on this entirety of interweb-space. So now to fix it.

And here come the posts..

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