Saturday, October 13, 2012

Diana in Cheltenham

When I came to England, I brought with me three cameras. My Canon 7D (digital SLR), 'my' Canon FTb (1971 film SLR, on loan from my lovely uncle), and my Diana Mini (lomography camera, 35mm and shoots square-frame).

I love my Diana Mini. For one, it's one of the few Lomo cameras that uses 35mm film. The Holga, and the Diana F+ both take 120 film, which is expensive to buy, and even more expensive to get developed. Secondly, it's light. It only weighs 235g; so much nicer to carry around than a 'real' camera. Thirdly, it takes square format pictures.

I love squares. There was a period of several months in 2010 where I was just editing all my photos square. Everything is rectangles and frankly, it gets boring.

So I took a heap of photos as I was walking into town one day last week, and went in and got them developed. I killed a half-hour or so grocery shopping and wandering around (trying to find a pie for lunch. I failed.), and went back to pick up my negs/CD.

"Your camera's really weird. Did you know it takes square photos?!"

Monkey in a tree, Northbridge Piazza

Church in Cheltenham, England

Flowers through an English garden fence

England industrial-era block of flats

Wrought-iron gate to English flats.

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