Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Far too early, we were up again. A decent amount of time before even the sun had decided it was worth rising. We had arrived at mainland Greece. This didn't mean a whole lot, as our next location was Corfu.. which is on an island. So our ferry finally let us off (about two hours late - they run on Greek 'ish' time), and we drove 1.5 hours to our next ferry. We arrived at our accommodation early afternoon.

And then the fun part (but not actually). Our rooms were at the top of a massive massive hill. Climbing that hill comes pretty close to the Eiffel Tower (and its 669 steps) in terms of effort. It was actually ridiculous. We refreshed, and trekked back down the hill to an optional activity that Contiki staff had been pretty excited about: George's Boat.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Leaving Italia

From Rome to Greece, we encountered our longest period of travel yet: an overnight ferry. And a whole driving day before that.

Fortunately, we did have a brief early-afternoon stop to distract us: some ruins, of a little city called Pompeii. A powerhouse meeting point of Greek and Roman culture, positioned unfortunately close to an active volcano. Volcanology being a science still two thousand years away, the massive eruption that buried the city  was quite unexpected, and also happened to preserve it quite well. Of all the ancient ruins I've seen thusfar (a rapidly expanding list), this city is the least ruinous by miles. It was really amazing to walk around, I'd thoroughly recommend it. And our guide was great (obviously).

Roman amphitheatre, Pompeii

Monday, May 13, 2013


On our way into Rome, we stopped for a guided tour at the Vatican Museum. The level of ornate decoration of the building is similar again to the Louvre, and the Chateau de Versailles; basically, it's amazing.

The collection of artifacts and artwork is literally amazing. We only had time to see a portion, but you could easily spend days there.

River statue, Vatican City Museum 

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Pisa, Italy

 After Venezia, we headed to Firenze. On the way, we had a brief stopover in Pisa, so that people could photograph themselves holding up, or pushing over, some tower there that stands on an angle. Also, so that everyone going to Egypt could purchase American dollars to pay for our optional activities.

Saturday, May 4, 2013



 April 7th (Day 11), we caught a ferry over to Venezia for the day. We started with a walking tour, and then spent the afternoon wandering through the streets generally getting lost.
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