Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Leaving Italia

From Rome to Greece, we encountered our longest period of travel yet: an overnight ferry. And a whole driving day before that.

Fortunately, we did have a brief early-afternoon stop to distract us: some ruins, of a little city called Pompeii. A powerhouse meeting point of Greek and Roman culture, positioned unfortunately close to an active volcano. Volcanology being a science still two thousand years away, the massive eruption that buried the city  was quite unexpected, and also happened to preserve it quite well. Of all the ancient ruins I've seen thusfar (a rapidly expanding list), this city is the least ruinous by miles. It was really amazing to walk around, I'd thoroughly recommend it. And our guide was great (obviously).

Roman amphitheatre, Pompeii
Temple, Pompeii

Plaster cast of 'remains', Pompeii

Mt Vesuvius (active volcano), from the Pompeii forum

Our Pompeii tour was followed by our last Italian meal, as we piled back into the bus to spend the afternoon driving to our ferry. Thankfully, the scenery was rather breathtaking. Aidan even made a stop for us so that we could take some photos; because he's a top bloke.

View from the Italian coast

We arrived at the port to board our ferry as the sun was setting, and set about figuring how to kill time until our arrival in Greece at 5am. Thankfully, our seats were upgraded to cabins, which, while squishy, meant we could actually lie down and get a little sleep.

View from the Italian coast

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