Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Egypt, part 1.

By the time we got in to Cairo, the sky was getting dark. We piled into a bus, checked in to the hotel, and departed for our dinner river cruise on the Nile. Just prior to heading off for dinner, we were joined by Khaled - he was to be our tour guide for the next five days. He has a masters degree in archaeology and Egyptology, so the man knows his stuff.

We arrived a little early for boarding the boat, so Khaled organised some shisha to keep us entertained while we wait. Modern Egyptian culture is still fairly influenced by the Ottomans. They were one of the big conquering nations after the Romans, and have left their mark in a collection of countries in and around the Middle East. One of the pastimes they brought with them, was shisha. Watching the smoking pipe make the rounds most definitely kept us entertained. There were the smokers, and a few people who have tried shisha before, who made the whole experience look easy. And then there was the rest of the group, most of whom had rarely or never smoked shisha or anything else before. Needless to say, there was a lot of smoke, and a lot of coughing. 

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