Saturday, August 31, 2013

Four Out Of Six Ain't Bad.

So, the thought recently occurred to me..

Since the beginning of this year, I have visited FOUR continents.

Swanbourne Beach, Perth (Australia)

1. I began the year in Australia (Australasia, Oceania, or whatever they're naming that section of the world these days);

Paris (Europe)

2. I returned to the UK (Europe), where I had previously lived (with a bit of travel) for three months in 2012. I then spent a whole lot more time all around Europe on a big-ass Contiki which also took me to..

Giza, Egypt (Africa)

3. Egypt (Africa) for five days; and..

Troy, Turkey (Asia)

4. Turkey (Asia*).

*Well, while most of Turkey is in Asia, Istanbul is JUST inside the border of Europe, and most of the (few) Europe tours that take you to Turkey go no further than Istanbul. Mine, however, took us to visit the ruins of Troy... which is in Asia.

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