Monday, September 2, 2013

OTD 2011: You Cannot Do This Assignment Last-Minute!

Lecturer: You cannot do this assignment at the last minute. Don't try. It's impossible.

Every student ever: Challenge accepted.

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I work best under pressure. Even still, it was my crazy-busy semester. I was busy working four jobs, studying five units (full-time load is four), and planning Perth's first-ever Can't Stop The Serenity (and the first event I'd ever run, and all the gazillion jobs that go along with it)...

Needless to say, by the time I got around to thinking about this assignment, all studio spaces were booked (yay end-of-semester assignment-rush!), and I couldn't get any last-minute models (because all my friends were also busy with their end-of-semester assignment-rush). So, with an advertising series of three images due in two days, and the only printer space before class as the next day.. I shot a series of images in my apartment. I did not have the equipment to take decent self-portraits. I had a speedlight (that I could only use on-camera), and a tripod, and that was it. No mirror, no remote, no lighting setup.

I did my assignment last-minute. While it might not be my greatest body of work, I do believe I got a Credit. Not bad for an impossible task.

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Playboy lingerie

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