Thursday, September 12, 2013


So recently, I have re-started watching Pokémon. I grew up in a small town with limited TV channels, so I missed out on the craze as a kid. Well, it infiltrated enough for us to know it was awesome. When we went to Perth for holidays to visit family, my sister and I would get up at 7am to watch Pokémon. We also raided our local video library on Thursdays, and rented all of the VCRs they had of it, which was probably about five.

Pokémon: Rapidash

A few years ago, my sister rediscovered the world of Pokémon. She downloaded an emulator and the original game, and spent most of her final year of high school on her computer playing Pokémon. Because study/homework is overrated.

Around this time, she also started to develop an obsession with tea. She particularly liked homemade and loose-leaf teas, so for her birthday, she requested I get her a teapot with an infuser.

After much searching, I discovered that there really weren't any teapots available that were awesome enough for my little sister, so I decided to do something about it. I found a cheap teapot (that met her specifications), inquired as to her two favourite pokémon, and bought some paint. My sister became the proud owner of an awesome teapot.

Pokémon teapot: Ninetails

Pokémon teapot: Pokéball

Pokémon teapot: Rapidash

Essentially, the point of my story is that I am extremely envious of my sister's teapot. I have only become a fan of tea in the last three months, but now I want a Pokémon teapot gorrammit! Alas, I know that, if I made one, I would only have to get rid of it when I get kicked out of the UK in a year's time. Teapots are bulky, and not essential enough to qualify for precious suitcase-space. But still, I can admire these photos and know that somewhere (in my sister's house, in Western Australia) this teapot does exist.

And that makes me happy.

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