Wednesday, February 12, 2014

BL: Go to a Festival

Bucket list: Go to a festival

It honestly surprises me every time I hear of someone who has never been to a festival. I've been to 30-something (working at most of them), so I guess I find it a little odd that something such a normal part of my summer experience doesn't even cross into other people's universes.

Honestly, Australia is CRAZY-SPOILT when it comes to festivals - as well as however-many festivals that are one-offs, most of our major music festivals TOUR! Not like some of the European and American festivals that play two or three cities, but EVERY MAJOR CITY in Australia. It makes sense that Europe's all one-off festivals, because Europe's not that big (excluding Russia, the entirety of Europe is a moderate amount smaller than Australia) and airfares around Europe are much cheaper than around Australia, so going to festivals all around the place isn't a massive deal.

But all the major festivals (which are declining in number each year, but stand at around a half-dozen this year, I think) play a decent selection of Australian cities - usually Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane/Gold Coast, and Adelaide. A few even hop across for a date or two in NZ. So we're pretty spoilt for choice, really.

Obviously big music-concert-festivals aren't the only relevant events - 'festival' covers a lot of events, big and small, and based around a lot of things other than music. Just looking at my own bucket list: Oktoberfest, Weekend at the Asylum, Burning Man, Holi, Rio Carnivale, come off the top of my head, but there's countless more.

So go on - go to a festival!

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