Thursday, February 6, 2014

BL: Take a Pole Class

Bucket list: Take a pole-dancing class

If you've never tried pole-dancing, I highly recommend giving it a go. Even just one class. Yes, that includes the guys!

It's everywhere now, and while it's not the cheapest or most-accessible of sports, there's not a whole lot that's such an amazing work out and SO MUCH FUN! There's so many different styles, there's something for everyone. Most places will offer trial, or drop-in classes, so you have no excuse! Not quite as many places offer classes for men, but they are out there!

If you think pole-dancing is neither a sport, nor a 'real' kind of dance, nor an art form, check out this video of Felix Cane.

If you think that only women pole-dance, here's a video from a recent mens' competition.

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